Kemi Comfort Homes has developed a smart solution for productivity-conscious companies to house their staff in rental apartments in Kemi. Comfort Homes’ unique housing solution improves health, which in turn increases productivity and reduces sick leave.

Watch an illustrative video introducing Comfort Homes’ mission, services and staff.

This unique method has been developed by serial entrepreneur, health inventor and preventive health expert Veli-Jussi Jalkanen (VJJ, see Health Summit 2021,, FB: Veli-Jussi Jalkanen), who has managed to bring the sickness absence rate down to close to 1% of working time in a total of five companies in Finland and China.

Comfort Homes offers the following specific services to improve health, comfort and quality of life in its rental homes in Kemi:

The apartments are fully curtained, as a dark room ensures a good night’s sleep even in the light.

Single beds are 120 cm wide and double beds are 160 cm wide, so that you can turn freely when sleeping.

All beds have ergonomic, patented pillows with height adjustment (designed by VJJ, they are the width of the bed). They are designed to prevent pressure on the large blood vessels in the neck and neck. The beds also have side pillows to support the upper leg and arm when sleeping on their side. The beds also have a grounding system to prevent possible ground radiation and grounding sheets to reduce skin tension and ensure a better night’s sleep.

All the apartments have been chosen along quiet streets, so there is no traffic noise.

The rooms are equipped with ergonomic armchairs for watching TV or listening to music, for example, and an ergonomic saddle chair and height-adjustable desk for computer use.

The apartment rental includes daily use of vitamin D (100 µg), Omega 3 and multivitamin supplements to increase energy and REDUCE THE RISK OF CORONASURES.

The rent also includes a gym key per apartment at Kemi’s EasyFit gym.

The kitchens in the apartments are equipped with blenders for making quick, tasty and healthy smoothies (recipes are also available) and antioxidant herbal tea made from natural, healing and cleansing Finnish herbs, which works especially well when taken from a thermos throughout the day.

The kitchens also have a folder explaining the importance of all the above health-promoting activities in six languages. The same information can be found on the website in Finnish with English subtitles. For new tenants, we will organise an introductory meeting to explain all the special features of Kemi rental homes.

All rental apartments in Kemi can be booked with a regular or occasional cleaning service at the tenant’s own expense.

Our rental housing offer mainly includes shared apartments in Kemi. In the apartments, each resident has their own room, but the toilets and kitchens are shared. The remaining rental apartments are family apartments with bedrooms and a living room for one person, a couple or a family with children. See our affordable prices for all our services.