Uniquely comfortable and healthy rental apartments in Kemi

Kemi Comfort Homes offers businesses superior comfortable, homely and well-furnished rental apartments in Kemi. The apartments take into account a number of factors that contribute to the health, comfort and quality of life of the occupants. This improves productivity and reduces sick leave. The apartments for rent are mainly located in the city centre and close to Metsä Fibre’s bioproduct plant in Kemi. Read more



Exceptionally comfortable rental housing in Kemi

Kemi Comfort Homes has developed a unique solution for rental housing that improves the health of the resident, resulting in increased productivity and reduced sick leave.

This unique method was developed by Veli-Jussi Jalkanen, a serial entrepreneur, health inventor and preventive health expert (VJJ, see Health Summit 2021, vessi.eu, FB: Veli-Jussi Jalkanen). He has managed to bring the sickness absence rate down to close to 1% in a total of five companies in Finland and China.

Kemi’s rental housing has taken into account a number of factors that improve health, comfort and quality of life.
Fully blackout curtains. A dark room ensures a good night’s sleep in the light.
Adequately wide beds. Allow free turning during sleep. Single beds 120 cm and double beds 160 cm wide.
Ergonomic, patented, bed-wide pillows with height adjustment (designed by VJJ). The pillows prevent the large blood vessels in the neck and neck from coming under pressure. The side pillows of the beds support the upper leg and arm when sleeping on their side. Beds have earthing to prevent ground radiation. Grounding sheets lower skin tension and provide a better night’s sleep.
Ergonomic armchairs, ergonomic saddle chair and height-adjustable stomach table.

Apartments to rent in Kemi

Asemakatu 8 A 1

2room + k 56m2AVAILABLE

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Asemakatu 8 A 2

2h + k 47m2RESERVED

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Asemakatu 8 A 6, Kemi

3 h + k + p 61m2RESERVED

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Asemakatu 8 A 9

3h + k + p 61m2AVAILABLE

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Asemakatu 8 B 15

2h + k + b 57m2AVAILABLE

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Asemakatu 8 B 18

2h + k + p 57m2AVAILABLE

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Juntonkatu 6 D 27

2h + k + p 52m2RESERVED

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Kunnantie 4 B 17

3h + k + lasitettu parveke 69m2AVAILABLE

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Meripuistokatu 29 A 30

2h + k + p 44m2AVAILABLE

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Ouluntie 30 A 1

3h + k + p 75m2RESERVED

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Pyykönkatu 2 C 16

4h + k + lasitettu parveke 85m2AVAILABLE

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Sankarikatu 22 A 5

3h + k + p 80m2AVAILABLE

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Särmääjänkatu 4 E 32

2h + k + p 48m2RESERVED

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Takajärventie 30 J 64

3h + k + lasitettu parveke 78m2AVAILABLE

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Takajärventie 38 A 1

3h + k + lasitettu parveke 77m2AVAILABLE

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Takajärventie 53 A 3

3h + k + s + p 60m2AVAILABLE

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Tornionkatu 19 A 1, Kemi

3h + k 70m2AVAILABLE

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