Feedback from our customers

“The houses were put on a rack. We’ll definitely be in touch when we visit Kemi again. The beds were good, not too soft, suitable for our backs” – 4Steel Ltd.

“Nothing to complain about, everything went well. The apartments are clean, the facilities are good. We liked the lounge card, it’s a great incentive.” – Janne Peltola, A-Perustus Oy

“As a temporary solution, I have been satisfied. The building company is quiet.” – Private client

“Good service. Yes, we are happy to accommodate our staff in your apartments.”-A-Perustus Oy

“Yes, it has been very good to stay in your apartment. The cooperation has been good. The central location of the apartment has made getting around easy. It’s good that you have been able to stay in the same place throughout the whole construction site.”-Erkki-Pekka Rehu, Kreate oy

“The apartment was really comfortable and so clean, with a lovely smell when we walked in. Our weekend holiday needs to relax were wonderfully catered for. We had brought separate sparkling glasses and the apartment was decorated down to the smallest details. We liked the fact that things were clearly second hand in the style of the apartment and not, for example, just from ikea. The little decorative things, paintings etc just make these places cosy. The lighting was lovely, not just towards the ceiling lights. The kitchen was fully equipped, the bathroom was neat and tidy with a washing machine, drying rack + key handover, the apartment tour was really nice, it’s nice to go when you don’t have to think about how the ventilation etc works when you come to see it. Also, finding a parking space is always a “pain in the ass” in Airbnb places, it felt nice to have that sorted out as well.” – Maija and Kim, Airbnb guests